Oxidation Process

Oxidation, namely dimming, is an application to increase corrosion resistance of the metal used. Greasing process must be performed on the metal prior to this product group operating at high temperatures. Oxidation is a process of creating oxide film having lubricant property on mold surface in metal injection applications where adhesion and, accordingly, adhesive abrasion is encountered.
Advantages of this process are;
  • Decreases adhesive abrasion associated with adhesion.
  • Prevents thermal shock by decreasing wetting angle of the molten metal and delays formation of thermal fatigue cracks.
  • Facilitates ejecting parts from the mold by creating a natural lubricator film.
  • Decreases surface deformations associated with adhesion of a product.
  • Ensures maximum fatigue resistance by decreasing the stresses caused by the final treatments (machining, grinding, denudation) applied on the mold.